Peckham Weekender

Peckham Cellars: scallops with spicy chorizo and cauliflower purèe

PUBLISHED ON June 26, 2024

This month, we’ve rallied some of our Peckham friends to celebrate Peckham’s vibrant food scene while giving back to the local community. For one weekend only, from 12th to 14th July, sixteen of our local neighbours will be running an £8 specials on their menus, with £1 for each special donated to Peckham Pantry: a membership community food club that supports low income families.

Participating restaurants and their £8 specials include:

Mr Bao: Lobster and Prawn Roll Bao with wasabi mayo, apple, pickled kohlrabi, crispy shallot and lime

Peckham Cellars: Scallops with spicy chorizo and cauliflower purèe

Café Britaly: Classic spag bol and chips

Levan: French Toast with mortadella and Exmoor caviar

Bar Levan: Miso Devilled Eggs with Nori, Togarashi, and Caviar

Whole Beast: Smoked & dredged Nashville hot chicken Drumstick, coal roasted potato salad, bread & butter, pickles

Taca Tacos: Taco Gobernador Mulita – A grilled cheese shrimp & cactus taco sandwich with Mexican devilled spice shrimp, melted Monterey Jack cheese, and grilled cactus, sandwiched between crispy tortillas

Janda Diner: Nasi Goreng – Janda Hawker-style surf and turf fried rice, light yet packed with aromatic vegetable flavours

Taquiza: Chile rellenos – prawn and chorizo stuffed chillies, lime zest, chipotle and garlic butter

Flygerians: Burritos with options of jollof, chicken, beef, or efo riro

Funkidory:‘Cool in the Pool’ cocktail – Lillet Blanc, Ginger Cordial, Elderflower Liqueur, served frozen with a sprinkle of lime zest

Nola: Parma ham and apple bagel

081 Pizzeria: Diavola 2.0 (tomato sauce, spicy salame, mozzarella , nduja) and Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan and evo oil)

Artusi: Olive Oil cake with peaches

Rye Lane Bagels: a big selection including their classic salmon and cream cheese

– Reuben’s Reubens: Special to be announced

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