Our Story 我們的故事


Our Story 我們的故事

Back in early 2016 we put all of our savings into a little restaurant on the wrong side of the road in Peckham. It seemed a bit of a crazy thing to do, but somehow we knew it was the right thing. We wanted people to try the flavours we’d grown up with, so we did it. It wasn’t perfect (it still isn’t) but we’ve tweaked and improved things ever since. We’ve been blessed with incredible staff and supportive customers from day one, which has allowed Mr Bao to iterate and improve even more. And so the cycle continues. We’ll probably never think it’s perfect, but we’re always striving to be better.

Our Food 我們的故事<

The often unsung heroes of any restaurant are the suppliers. Of course we source local wherever possible. Of course we have the best, freshest ingredients coming in to us every day. But it’s the suppliers themselves who help us add the love to our food. Not only do they tirelessly deliver, day after day, come rain or shine, but over the years they’ve become part of the team. Ralph from Flock & Herd who’ll run a box of chocolates over to Daddy Bao because we forgot to take them; or Ricky from Tadberry who never complains when we want yet another proof of the Negroni wrapper, or Mikey from Market Row Rum who guest bar tended one night when we were short. That’s why we’re still with a lot of the very same suppliers we started out with. They’ve been with us, supporting us all the way, and we intend to do the same for them. The dependability and love and care for their products that our suppliers bring makes the food taste even better.

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Our People 我們的故事

One of the things we pride our restaurants on most, is the people who make it a reality. 

From those early days when it was all about surviving to the next month, it was clear that the people we worked with were the key to everything. We’re grateful every day for the team we have now, and for all of the people who worked so hard with us along the way. 

What’s in it for you:
• Great pay
• Flexible and fair hours
• Training and development to support you
• Expanding company with career opportunities
• Staff meals
• Staff, family and friends discounts
• Access to Techscheme discounts
• No requirement to work over Christmas!

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email us – abhi@mrbao.co.uk

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House Special 特別推介

What began as a line-up of merch for our team – something they could wear for work or play and still feel like themselves – is now available for all. Take your pick: All Goods Accepted, Eating is Heaven, and Lion Dancer’s Day Off – quality t-shirts,  exclusive designs.

Some of our much-loved drinks classics are also available including our house Daddy Bao Yuzu Pale Ale and Mr Bao Plum Wine Negroni. These drinks have been constantly sampled, iterated and packaged into products we love and want to share beyond our restaurants – for a taste of Mr Bao to enjoy at home.

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“Mr Bao proves that one can stuff anything into a steamed bun with pretty much guaranteed deliciousness”.
Evening Standard

“Pancakes with blueberry miso compote is sheer perfection”
Time Out 

“This is a place worth travelling to wherever you live in the city”. 
The Infatuation

“The pancakes with blueberry miso compote is a particular standout”
London On The Inside

“We found the fluffiest bao in town with these guys.”
The Handbook

“Why Mr Bao Is One Of The Best Restaurants In London”
Design My Night

“Mr. Bao is a small bao shop right in the heart of Peckham that serves up some of the best baos in London”
Secret London

“The ultimate chicken bao.”

“The veteran restaurateur who really knows his buns.”
Vice UK