Our sake selection at Mr Bao

Our sake selection

PUBLISHED ON March 20, 2023

Ever wanted to try sake before but not been sure where to start? Our bespoke menu at Mr Bao is supplied by Tengu Sake who work with five award winning Japanese breweries to supply only the best selection to restaurants like ours and their tasting notes make it easy to decide what could work for you. Plus, our whole team had some training recently so they can explain our line-up in more detail…

Hyakujuro – “Jidai” – Junmai Ginjo Yamahai: Flavours of caramelised, spiced bananas and apples as well as bitter dark chocolate. It can be enjoyed chilled or warm and it pairs well with strong, complex flavoured food that have lots of umami.

Gozenshu – “Misty Moutain” -Junmai Usu-nigori Bodaimoto: It is slightly cloudy as it is unfiltered but has a fresh fragrance and notes of zesty lemon, passion fruit and pepper. Fans of natural wine would enjoy this earthier and funkier sake that pairs well with spicy and deep-fried foods.

Tatenokawa Seiryu “Stream” – Junmai Daiginjo: This semi-sweet, lighter style of sake was created to appeal to white wine lovers. It pairs well with light seafood, pork and steak and is best served chilled.

Kodakara – Plum Sake – Nanko Umeshu: Tart, fresh and rich, this is best served chilled and straight up, on the rocks, or with soda or tonic as an umeshu spritzer.

Kodakara – Yuzu Sake – Yuzushu: fresh, crisp and refreshing, this is made from finest yuzu and steeped in premium Junami Daiginjo sake and sake kasu shochu. The brewery has 185 years of sake making history, founded in 1854.

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